Akashic Records with Diana Love ~ Sedona

Akashic Records Consultant Sedona, Arizona Bell RockHello Beautiful Friend, having been a residence for years in the beautiful vortex of Sedona, Arizona, I celebrate your desire to explore her natural beauty!

If you’re interested in an Akashic Records session while there, I am available to support your intention. As I do all my sessions remotely to hold the highest vibration, don’t hesitate to contact me for your transformative reading.  You can be on your favorite rock, in your hotel room or by a waterfall for your session ~ as long as you’re in a quiet peaceful space, we can tap in. It will be a perfect combination of the energy of Sedona, your intention and my connection. (And, if you find time while you’re there, we can schedule upon your return home.)

Book via my Online Calendar now or Call 919-200-8686… if I don’t answer, please LEAVE A MESSAGE!  I may be serving someone just as wonderful as you and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve you (smile!).  You can also send me an Email: Contact [at] SacredBeginnings.com or fill out Contact Form below.

For more information about Akashic Records Readings click HERE.
I also offer other services you may be interested in:  Christ Light Transmissions and
Chakra Healing.

Kelly S. Jones

Diana Love

“I’m looking forward to supporting your
greatest dreams and life transformations!
As an Akashic Record Consultant for 20+ years,
Energy Healer, Conscious Business Coach and Life Coach,
there isn’t much I haven’t heard or advised on.  Bringing clarity, love, wisdom, insight and guidance is my specialty
and I know I can be of service to you.”