Opening Your Akashic Records

Kelly S. Jones with George Noory on Beyond Belief

Akashic Records Soul Consultation

Awaken to the Love and Truth of your Akashic Records & Soul with consultant and teacher Kelly S. Jones. Experience the unconditional love and insight the Masters and Teachers of the Akash have for you and allow your misconceptions to melt away as you receive this direct download of wisdom from your Soul Essence to you and discover the truth of your authentic self on all levels. Navigate subconscious memories, current life circumstances, the terrain of past lives and your potential future.  Transform doubt into knowing and confusion into clarity.

akashic recordsImagine a body of knowledge that records every thought, word, deed, feeling and action of every soul that ever lived. A place where all knowledge of all potentials and possibilities are recorded. This is the Akashic Records, also known in the Bible as “The Book of Life”. Every soul has written on the pages of their own Akashic Records from the moment they decided to experience life and you have the natural born right to access this information.

When you have an Akashic Record reading it is important to be willing and ready to go to a deeper level…a comprehensive soul-level encounter with yourself. Our individual journeys may appear to be similar but the way we experience that journey is different and unique to each one of us. The information brought forward is always appropriate to your level of understanding. The Masters regard your space as sacred and operate in a field of unconditional love without judgment.

Like the DNA of the universe, the Akashic Records are encoded in a language of vibrations. The communication from the Masters is received energetically, often in symbols, words and pictures specifically fitting the parameters of the question asked. In fact, framing the question properly is key to receiving the best guidance from them (See The Art of Questions below). By using a sacred prayer, I attune myself to your life’s energy field and invoke the protection granted by these high teachers and guides.

The Akashic Records move and work expansively in all directions without limitations of time and space. Instead, they work in the realm of possibilities and probabilities to assist in the discovery and release of patterns of addiction and other blocks that keep you from the full expression of your being-ness. You may ask questions that relate to all life situations including career, finances, relationships, and health and even past life experiences. A reading can also go to an even higher level of inquiry through questions that reflect your soul’s purpose, potential and the original cause for beliefs and behaviors. The signature of the truth embodied in the messages of the Masters and Teachers is the authenticity you recognize as they unfold for you. You simply know it is true in a way that is direct, relevant and comprehensive.

An Akashic Record Reading is a powerful tool to lift the veil of your consciousness to see below the surface the pure face of truth.

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