Kelly S. Jones with George Noory on Beyond Belief

Akashic Records Level 2

Akashic Records with Kelly S. JonesAre you ready to clear worn-out, unloving beliefs and trapped emotions that cause you to live in pain and struggle?

During this powerful weekend, you will clear with love, joy, grace and ease patterns that have held you back, blocked your progress and sabotaged your true heart’s desires.  With your Akashic Guides you will access the deeper wisdom embedded in your life experiences and begin to unravel the misconceptions and misunderstandings playing like a broken record in the mind.

Recognizing we are all on a healing journey, this workshop is designed to assist you in identifying where within your being you can transmute buried memories and emotions that have harvested shame and hurt (to name a few emotions) or denial as well as those mis-perceptions that have generated fears, blocks and stagnation in different areas of your life.

All that is required is an open heart and a willingness to know and grow in order to…

“Clear Patterns of Karma, Trapped Emotions & Unloving Beliefs”

In fact, you will feel so loved and supported that surrendering your fears and trapped emotions will feel welcoming, safe and natural.

As an experiential process, this weekend offers you the direct opportunity to truly explore areas within yourself rarely accessed and often denied so you can know and heal yourself in deep and profound ways…all the while being completely loved, guided and supported by your Akashic Team.

You will learn with grace how to:

  • Identify and dismantle mistaken, unloving beliefs creating pain and suffering
  • Reveal and release hidden agendas
  • See and let go of destructive patterns of self-sabotage
  • Identify and strengthen your hidden “superpowers” 
  • Develop more emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Transform fear-based perspectives into love-based points-of-view
  • Recognize and transmute conditional judgments
  • Gain clarity, insight, and guidance around past life influences of present day behaviors
  • Heal and release fears of loss and lack

This will forever be a profound and illuminating part of your spiritual growth and transformation. As your mind heals and heart opens, a greater depth and breadth of understanding makes itself known to you. You will deepen your connection and alignment with unconditional love and transcending truth.

You have the right to know the truth of you.

Prerequisite:  Level 1

Gifted Teacher

“I found our Level 2 weekend so rich, full with information, humor and insights.  I left with a whole new landscape to work with and clear tools for deepening my understanding of this journey we are all on and once again – as in Level 1 – the very powerful reminder of the access we have to the support that is with us at all times.  Kelly’s managed to maneuver with much ease around the rich load of information and share with us generously of her experience and knowledge of it.  She held space for us lovingly and without judgment, listening deeply to our experiences and then responding with such depth and flexibility it was impressive.  She is a gifted