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Akashic Records Level 1

Are you ready to discover the Truth of Who You Truly Are and to connect fully with your Soul and Divine Purpose?

During this weekend you will develop the skills that will enable you to directly connect and interact with your Akashic Guides and experience the life-transforming process of accessing your own Akashic Records.

As an experiential process, this weekend offers you the direct opportunity to come to know yourself deeper and at more profound levels as you access this realm of wisdom first-hand.

You will learn how to:

  • Open YOUR own Akashic Records with a High Sacred Prayer
  • Connect with YOUR ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones
  • Communicate with and translate this Divine Language of Light
  • Receive positive spiritual guidance that is most beneficial to you
  • Access past, present and potential future information
  • Receive clarity, wisdom, insight, and guidance
  • Heal and release limitations, challenges, patterns, and beliefs through grace
  • Empower yourself to powerfully transform your relationship with yourself, loved ones, money, physicality and other life aspects
  • Recognize your innate ability to access this realm and dimension

This will forever be a profound and illuminating resource for your spiritual growth and transformation. As your Divine Heart opens and expands, a greater depth and breadth of understanding avails itself to you. You will learn the Sacred Prayer that aligns your entire being to this knowledge and wisdom.

Everyone has the ability to access his or her own Records.

You CAN do this, too!

Fantastic Highly Qualified Facilitator

Taking Kelly’s Level 1 Akashic Records class has given me a new tool to work with in my personal evolution and growth. I entered class wondering if I would be able to access the Akashic Records. With Kelly’s expert guidance and well-thought-out exercises I’m happy to say it was a success! Kelly made learning to access the records seem natural and easy.  Her careful attention to detail allowed room for nuanced understanding and clarity on what the records are and where the information is coming from. She expertly guided us in honing our skill at accessing and sharing information from the Masters and Teachers. The class was a balance of personal work and collective sharing that significantly benefited my understanding of how the Akashic Records can benefit all of us. I’m looking forward to Level 2!”

Terri L, Millerton, NY

“I have been looking for a solid and powerful foundation on my intuitive clairvoyant journey and I came across Kelly’s Akashic record Workshop. The workshop was very well structured, very well organized and very informative. I have learned how to widen my intuition in a new and accurate way and create a powerful communication with the spirit realm bringing valid information into this world. Kelly is a wonderful teacher and facilitator and she supported me and the rest of the students very gracefully and lovingly on this new journey. By the end of the workshop I felt confident and competent to continue exploring what I am receiving from the masters and teachers. Kelly is a powerful and loving teacher and healer and I recommend work and workshops to everyone who wants to attain more spiritual knowledge and awaken their intuition on a whole new level.  Thank you Kelly for all your love and support.”

Nicoleta M., North Palm Beach, FL

“I gifted myself with this workshop facilitated by the most excellent Kelly S. Jones.  I was pleased and delighted to find after a short while I was able to receive and interpret valuable guidance coming from the Akashic Records.  I look forward to next workshop and would recommend this valuable teaching to anyone who has a curious mind and the willingness to expand their own capacity to receive.  Kelly is a fantastic and highly qualified instructor with a patient yet playful spirit.

Thank you Kelly for a wonderful exploration into what lies beyond…”

Ronnie W., Asheville, NC

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Learn How to Read Your Akashic Records

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Prepare For Workshop

To get the most out of our time together, it’s important to have your vibration as high as possible.  This can best to addressed by what you are doing prior to the class.  Specifically, it is best to:

  • Get a good night sleep before the first day of class.
  • Don’t do any recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before the class or throughout the weekend.  Prescription drugs are acceptable.

This time together is sacred and I truly look forward to working with you, helping you gain entry into your Akashic Records and work with the Beings of Light who love you most dearly and want all things good for you.

What Students Are Saying


“I have never consciously accessed the Akashic Records, and have been interested since I heard of the name. I came across Kelly’s class on Facebook and I am glad I attended. Her exercises and information are very helpful in solidifying a relationship with your personal masters and teachers to receive information from the Akashic Records with ease.”

Tom C., Sedona, AZ

Exciting New Realms

“Because I’ve been a professional psychic consultant for 33 years, I decided to take Kelly Jones’ Akashic Records class just because she’s a dear friend. To my surprise and delight, Kelly expertly led our entire group into exciting new realms that were a discovery even to me.  I’d been accessing Akashic information for decades, but I learned some simple yet powerful rituals to streamline the process and quickly go to a deep, profound level. It was as if I’d been dashing into the records through the back way — her techniques taught me how to respectfully go in the front door, interacting with the Masters and Teachers each time. Thank you, Kelly!”

Jonna Rae, Asheville, NC

Respectful, Deep Knowledge

“Ever since I was 12 and discovered Edgar Cayce, I have “asked” to be able to assist others as he did, working with the Akashic Records. Kelly’s workshop was wonderful and I know I will always use this guidance in my soul path work and life in general. Kelly’s style of teaching is always sensitive, respectful and shows her deep knowledge of these sacred records. I highly recommend this workshop to all “seekers of Truth.”

Wendy N., Asheville, NC
Wendy N., Asheville, NC