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Begin the New Year with a metamorphosis that will undoubtedly revolutionize the direction of your life permanently and profoundly!

While we all want to be loved, unfortunately most don’t know what it truly means.  Truth be told, it’s rather quite simple – all you have to do is

‘know that
you are here to love yourself’

When you do, love yourself, you will know what being loved means.  In fact, you will feel loved and be loved.  And, your life will be synchronistic and peaceful.

The problem is, it’s not that simple.  Why?

Because the world as we know it would have you believe much differently.  It teaches you how not to love yourself.  It tells you to put others before you, to make others more important than you, to do for others at your expense, to worry what others will think and even sacrifice your wellbeing for the wellbeing of another.

The world has you believing
worry is good, guilt even better and suffering heroic.

No wonder the world’s true pandemic is rage.  No wonder so many believe they are victims and powerless and that others are in charge of their lives.  When you look around, what do you see?  Happiness or sorrow? When you look inside, how do you feel?  Empowered or wounded?  When you glance into your own life, which patterns do you recognize?

You Want to Be Loved  

You are waiting to be loved and deep within you know you are the one to do it.

In the “Being Loved Workshop” you will alter the course of your life with the many new insights shared and the much-needed guidance offered to see with new eyes your current life circumstances.

Join other like-minded, like-hearted co-journeyers in a safe environment where love, truth and healing are promoted.


Listen to interviews with Kelly as she explores the timely subject of Being Loved. Enjoy the depth of wisdom shared in these lively conversations.

Podcasts with Kelly Jones & KC Armstrong

PODCAST Interviews
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What Students Say

“Wonderful workshop!!!  I have studied with many metaphysical teachers since the 50’s and this is magnificent.  So excited to be here.  Love and peace.”

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