Clear, Balance & Activate Your Chakras

Chakra Healing with Kelly S. Jones

Open to receive Light Waves of Divine Love that spotlight imbalances and blockages in the 7 wheels of energy known as your chakras for the purpose of clearing, opening, adjusting and aligning each to a proper spin, rate and synergistic relationship to another.  Each wheel of light corresponds to different physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

When energy flows in and between your subtle energy bodies unimpeded, you feel healthy, balanced and energized.  Where there is stagnation, low vibration thought-forms and disturbed energy patterns, you may feel physically ill, emotionally stuck, mentally challenged and spiritually drained.

During a session I will identify the current state of consciousness connected to each Chakra and converse with it.  In this telepathic dialog, I will identify what your body wants and facilitate the transmission that will help re-establish order, vitality and stability.

The 7 Main Chakras are:

  • 1st Root Chakra:  Stability, security, basic needs.  Feeling safe and secure.  Located at the base of the spine.

  • 2nd Sacral Chakra:  Creativity and sexual energy.  Creative expression.  Located between pubic bone and naval.

  • 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra:  Power center.  Personal power and empowerment.  Located between naval and breastbone.

  • 4th Heart Chakra:  Where Spirit and Matter meet.  Unites the lower 3 Chakras with the upper 3 Chakras.  Love and connection.  Located at the heart.

  • 5th Throat Chakra:  Communication, verbalization, speaking our highest truth.  Throat.  Located at the neck, jaw, mouth and tongue.

  • 6th Third Eye Chakra:  Center of intuition, inner vision.  Located between the eyebrows.

  • 7th Crown Chakra:  Enlightenment, awakening, spiritual connection to True Self and Source.  Located at the Crown of the head.

What To Expect

Sessions take place in my Golden Light Temple, a sacred and protected space uniquely purposed for the alchemy of this experience.

And while there are many more Chakras in the body, the 7 main Chakras will be the focus.  If any others need to be tuned, I will know it and accommodate.

Each session is unique, as are you and your circumstances.  Sessions are done via telephone and I ask you to simply be in a comfortable space, preferably lying down or reclining, ready to drop all resistance and allow the divine dispensation of love from Source to flow unimpeded through you, helping to restore your vibration to a coherent state of equilibrium and peace.

The Benefits

When equilibrium is achieved, life flows gracefully and peacefully.