“Power-Purge 2022” ~ Dec. 1 – 11, 2022

Christ Light 11-Day Activation

Love Wants ALL of You!

It is time to wash away all beliefs in separation, lack and limitation that are rooted in all areas of discomfort in your life, align to the highest vibration of Divine Love and open your heart to the Love that You Truly Are!

Claim your birthright and join me for a powerful 11-Day journey of Healing & Awakening to your Divine Presence.

“What a beautiful 11-days. Your daily messages were so uplifting and deeply appreciated.
The realignment of the Halo-Heart connection, how amazing!  I had forgotten that I’m innocent.
In these 11-days you have conveyed so many precious gems to ponder on .You have brought to light an awareness I did not have prior. I thank you with all my heart for sharing your wisdom.  With a deep sense of gratitude, With love, Renee”

11-Days for Only $11

December 1-11, 2022 we will activate:

“Power-Purge 2022”

At 11:11AM each of these days an initiating portal of Christ Light & Divine Love will open, pouring forth waves of illuminating life force through you activating the codes of your crystalline DNA, rewriting your Akashic Records and restoring your Divine Blueprint for optimal health and vitality – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  By 11:11PM, the fullness and expansion of the daily offering will maximize within you.  During the following 12 hours, old worn out beliefs, judgments and structures will dislodge and wash away.  Throughout the 11-days you will receive inspirational emails in addition to your daily activation as a way to support you as your life begins to shift in wonderful and dynamic ways as a result of these Christ Light Activations.


Truth: NOW is the time to awaken your true divine heart.

Good News: The Christ Light Council and I are here to support your Soul’s journey of remembering Its true nature as light and love and all you need do is relax and open to receive these activations.

What is a Christ Light Activation?

A Christ Light Activation is when we, the Christ Light Council and I, remotely and energetically send forth pristine waves of Divine Love from our Hearts into your Heart, purifying untruths and re-awakening The Truth of your divine nature. I carry and hold a high vibration of Love and with each transmission we activate and entrain your heart to resonate with and hold this same vibratory rate.

What happens when I receive these Christ Light Activations?

During each Christ Light Activation, a field of love is established within which you receive waves of pure Divine Love.  These waves originate from Source, the Christ Light Council and my I Am Presence for the purpose of remembering and reclaiming your perfection. As this dispensation of light activates the Divine Love within you, it naturally dissolves old identities, traumas, buried emotions and barriers around the heart and powerfully transforms disturbances reflected in physical dis-ease, emotional wounds, mental blocks and spiritual slumber.  As your heart opens to the memory of your Truth, you begin to live in greater health, abundance and clarity, relating to yourself and others more compassionately, peacefully and lovingly.

At 11:11am each day for 11 consecutive days, the Christ-Light energy will be transmitted from our hearts to your heart. You do not need to do anything. Simply rest in the knowing that you are receiving this high vibration of pure Divine Love based on your intent and it will be so.

Q & A

No, all you need is an open heart and have the intention to receive these activations over the duration of our 11-day journey. Of course, it will be an additional benefit and blessing to yourself if you can sit quietly for 20 minutes during each day to rest into your heart and open to these Activations.

However, please know, these are very powerful Activations that do not require your attention in order to be effective. They are accessing your subconscious, unconscious and multi-dimensional levels of your Being and your Soul knows exactly what to do and what you need to receive within each activation session. Trust your Soul and the Christ Light energies to do the work.

Yes, you can take notice of what you are feeling.  What is coming up for you?  How you are moving through your day?  What new or different behavior patterns or physical, mental and emotional changes are occurring? This exercise simply heightens your awareness and invites you to become more conscious of your healing and transformation. This is not a requirement but an invitation. And please do so with grace and ease and a big dose of self-love.