Christ Light Transmission Session

Christ Light Transmission sessionA Christ Light Transmission Session escorts you into a “place of peace and deep relaxation” where the high frequency of love activates the healing and alignment process.  During this human-divining experience, I am the facilitator and your Soul the healer. Your job is simple, hold the intention to surrender all that no longer serves you on every level of your being and rest in the understanding ‘all is done and you are whole’.

Each session offers the opportunity for:

  • Your body, mind and spirit to align with the frequency of love.
  • Repair, re-pattern, renew and recharge fragmented circuits and energetic disturbances.
  • Release emotional wounds, mental blocks, physical dis-ease and spiritual un-consciousness.
  • Work in the quantum field calling forth information, guidance and alignment.
  • Accessing and activating the Soul’s Light-body.
  • Balancing the Love-Wisdom-Power elements of your sacred-heart.

Who Can Benefit

A Christ Light energy session can benefit those who are:

  • Feeling physical dis-ease from any condition (diagnosed or undiagnosed).
  • Feeling emotionally anxious, confused, depleted, disconnected, depressed or distressed.
  • Ready to compliment your eastern and/or western medical team.

  • Feeling spiritually misaligned.
  • Ready to aspire to the next level of their spiritual consciousness.
  • Wanting to rejuvenate and recharge your energy field.

The Benefits

Feel replenished, lighter, freer, energized.
Release old patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and pain lodged in your energy field.
Access greater parts of you that have been dormant or hidden.
Anchor in greater amounts of Light within your celluar structure supporting the crystalline transmutation of the Human-Divine form.
Reconnect and merge into your Life-Stream to flow more gracefully through your life.
Albeit immediate, the effects recognized from this process vary based on one’s level of sensitivity and receptivity. Aligning with the Christ consciousness is the objective that allows you to walk in the light of your Human-Divine truth.

The Sessions

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An Energetic, “Light-Body” Adjustment

Align all your energetic bodies and live your highest expression
in body, mind and spirit.

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What To Expect

Sessions take place in a Golden Light Temple, a sacred and protected space uniquely purposed for the alchemy of the human-divining experience (whether in-person or long-distance).

  • Connection is made with the Christ Light Council, your Soul and the Angelic Realm.
  • In this heart-centered union divine energy flows through my heart and hands.
  • In-person transmissions involve the “Laying on of hands”
  • Long-distance transmissions occur in the quantum field and are equally effective.
  • Visions, messages and periods of silence are shared.
  • The entire session is recorded and sent as an MP3.
  • Wanting to feel Soul-fully nurtured and nourished.

What Clients Say

I feel better mentally, emotionally and physically! My breathing is deeper and I’m constantly visualizing my lungs healing and growing. My stamina is good but I am resting when needed. I’ll be in touch to schedule another Christ-Light Transmission Session!
Susan J., Greenville, SC
I’d love to book my next session for Christ-Light Transmission because it’s working!!! My thoracic cavity is healing and getting smaller!
Susan J., Greenville, SC