Truly Succeed at the Speed of Love

Calling Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries who are consciously evolving their business, their relationship to it and themselves, attuning to the ideals of integrity, trust and inclusion.  When firmly established, ethics, efficiencies, productivity and creativity are a natural by-product, ensuring harmony, profitability and continuing success.

As a Natural Born Leader you are either ready to accelerate personally and professionally or you might find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and unable to rise above the chaos or somewhere in between.

Either way, I am here to assist you in navigating the grand journey that you now find yourself in.

By using my Superpowers,
I will help you use yours.

Allow me to support you in swiftly and consciously achieving your visions and goals with proper power, grace and ease while improving the inner experience of your outer successes.  Arrive at your measurable successes feeling aligned, energized and inspired.

As your Conscious Business Coach and confidant, I will assist you to:

  • See what you cannot see,
  • Hear what you cannot hear,
  • Understand what you may not understand yet

or perhaps you do see, hear and understand but don’t know how to proceed.  I will help you know the “what” and the “how” in order to attain all highest potentials.

You will come to know your inner light and power to see truth in order to act accordingly.  When you are aware of the undercurrent of fear and how it sabotages your forward momentum, you will come to know yourself.

Invaluable insight and guidance like this can mean the difference between enjoying the journey of success or stressing due to overwhelm, doubt and indecision, between a job well done or a job gone sideways.  The right shift in perspective will set a whole new trajectory.  As you know, as little as a 5-degree adjustment can make a 100% difference.

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“The world exists as you perceive it.
It is not what you see, it is how you see it.
It is not what you hear, it is how you hear it.
It is not what you feel, but how you feel it.” 

~ Rumi ~

Together we will explore and uncover each next step to consistently assess, adjust and align you with your intentions making every session customized to meet your needs to maximize results.

Together we will:

  • ALIGN purpose, power and potential
  • Clarify communications to ensure being heard and hearing accurately
  • Transform chaos into cooperation
  • Shift your inner dialogue to match desired manifestations
  • Bridge the gap from there to here, achieving your goals efficiently
  • Break through old patterns that sabotage your intent

Real Time
Conscious Coaching
for Real Life Challenges

Isn’t it time to:

  • Dive deeper than the tip of the iceberg
  • Stop “bumping along” and lay a clear path to true success and prosperity
  • Improve the inner experience of your outer successes
  • Invest in the most important relationship you have – the one with yourself and your evolution

By accessing the “heart of the matter” you open the most powerful gateway to the best version of you, the best of the best.

What Clients Say

“Diana (Kelly) Jones has saved me years, I believe lifetimes in fact, of processes to get to the expansions, understanding, and Light living I am now experiencing in every area of my beingness.  I am an excellent intuitive and healer myself, however I knew it was time for my next level, and that I could not do it alone.  I asked for the right teacher and guide.  Diana was easily sent, and recognized, as the perfect conduit for me to evolve and live in further love, trust, peace, and joy.  I recommend Diana for anyone who knows they are ready for their next deep lasting shifts.”   Karen Jones Meadows – Intuitive & Healer, NM

Karen Jones Meadows, Intuitive & Healer, NM

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly for several years. Her variety of services have helped guide me successfully through many transitions. In this last year her Conscious Coaching Sessions have been the most powerful and impactful. This work has been incredibly helpful in navigating my professional career. Kelly’s insights have helped me identify what pushes my buttons and boundaries and helped me improve communications, reducing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed at work. Our work together has also improved my interactions with family and friends. I highly recommend working with Kelly, she is supportive, incredibly insightful and creates a safe space to work in. Her guidance and friendship have meant the world to me and has changed my outlook on life for the better. I will definitely continue working with her.” Roberta A. – Director of Events and Catering, Hilton Resorts

Roberta A., Director of Events and Catering, Hawaii

Breakthrough Now

  • Purpose
  • Power
  • Potential