Step Into 5th Dimensional Living

Emergence Workshop with Kelly S. JonesImmerse yourself in a new level of self-realization designed to help you bridge and anchor into a 5th dimensional journey where the harmonies of peace, love and unity reign.

Gracefully emerge as the “pearl of great price” that you are by your willingness to step away from an outdated past and into a new way of Being.  To birth this new reality ~ one beyond the old cocoon of consciousness embedded with pain, struggle and separation ~ transformation of unloving beliefs, judgments and fear is required.

“Alright…you can awaken in seven lifetimes, seven years,
seven months, seven hours, seven minutes, or you can do it now.”

A Long Journey in a Few Short Steps

Emergence is designed to help you:

  • Accelerate the healing of inner beliefs/judgments/fears
  • Gracefully process buried emotions that cause needless pain and suffering
  • Anchor and integrate pure love, loving power and divine wisdom
  • Calibrate to the optimum good in each moment
  • Emerge synchronized with your True Self

Change Your Perspective and
Everything Changes

You will experience Emergence from…

  • The darkness of your past
  • The heaviness of shame and guilt
  • The barren lands of unfulfilled dreams
  • The cold blindness of unloving beliefs
  • The painful wounding of conditions and lies
  • The imprisoning shackles of unforgiveness

As you fully let go of mistaken ways of thinking, feeling and acting, you open yourself to the potentials for newfound freedoms that moves you closer to your true heart’s desires.

Polish the Pearl of Your Heart

Experience Emergence into:

  • The Truth of You
  • The freedom of Love’s embrace
  • The liberation of Divine alignment
  • The joy of right relationship with Self
  • The Choiceless Choice
  • The new Reality of You

Your new level of understanding brightens your inner Light, expands your awareness, offers you more and greater choices and is a coming home to your authentic Self.

An uplifting, enlightening, interactive gathering designed to raise awareness, heal the past, resurrect the new, transform doubt into knowing, address real-life issues and open your heart to a whole new way of living.

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