How to Align Inner and Outer Feng Shui

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Simple Solutions, Real Results

kelly jones feng shui consultantFeng Shui is a study of how our natural and manmade environments affect human behavior and fortune. Careful observations and mathematical calculations reveal both seen and unseen energy patterns that affect humanity.  Understanding these life-force systems, knowing how they flow in and around spaces and forms, over specified periods of time, determines how you will experience, feel and act within your surroundings.  Feng Shui has different techniques to stimulate, alter and direct these powerful energy forces to work strongly in your favor by bringing you balance and harmony, support, protection against illness and loss, and favorable opportunities for success in all areas of your life.

Feng Shui puts you in the driver’s seat. Kelly’s recommendation provides the means to create an environment that inspires, uplifts and boosts your energy levels, consciously and subconsciously. Couple this with your intentions and actions to experience dramatic shifts immediately and continually over time.

Client Testimony

“I have been using Kelly’s services for four years now.  I don’t move home, office or renovate without consulting her first.  Kelly has proven herself to be invaluable because time and time again she has helped us to prosper (my husband has gotten two promotions and my business is booming) and to become healthier and happier at home and at work.  I highly recommend Kelly also because of her genuine interest in the well-being of her clients.  She is passionate about helping others and it shows.  Don’t hesitate and call her because she’ll bring nothing but positive energy into your lives.”

Adrienne W.

When to Consult

Feng Shui for Business, consult when you:

  • Move into a new building or office space
  • Renovate or re-decorate
  • Want to boost sales and increase profits
  • Want to reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity
  • Want to boost employee morale and camaraderie
  • Feel your business is stagnant or stuck
  • Want a promotion or to advance your career
Feng Shui for the Home, consult when you:

  • Move into a new home, condo or apartment
  • Recently moved and are experiencing financial, health or relationship problems
  • Intend to renovate or re-decorate
  • Want to advance your career or get a promotion
  • Need to improve your financial outlook
  • Want to get pregnant
  • Want less stress and desire more balance in your life
  • Are separating, divorcing or experiencing a significant loss
  • Life feels stagnant and stuck, perhaps feeling cluttered
  • Simply want a ‘home-lift’ to lighten up the energies
Feng Shui for Garden, consult when you:

  • Are landscaping your home or business
  • Want to add water features to your exterior environment
  • Need to insure proper placements and enhancements that support you and your home
  • Desire the most auspicious conditions to upgrade your surroundings
  • Ensure you do not activate unfavorable energies by digging in the wrong place at the wrong time
Feng Shui Consultations are also beneficial for:

  • Selecting a new site to build
  • Site planning for a new community
  • Selecting a new place to live or move your business
  • Drafting a new floor plan or layout for a new space (such as an office build-out)
  • Space planning
  • Decorating
  • Want an in-progress plans review, remember that prevention is better than the cure!

Home Staging with a Feng Shui Twist

Need that extra touch to get the Right Buyer with the Right Offer in the Right amount of Time?

  • Create an irresistable environment
  • Arrange your existing furniture for a hi-energy presentation
  • Say ‘Buy Me Now’ with easy, no frills suggestions
  • Benefit today from 20 Years of Feng Shui expertise!


Uplevel the Energetic Patterns of your Space

Bring vitality, abundance, harmony and love into your life now.

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Feng Shui Consultation for HomesTurn your house into a home and your home into a sacred space!

Accenutate all the beauty and potential your home has to offer:


  • Better Health at all Levels
  • Attract Romance, Relationships and Friendships
  • Create Opportunities in All Areas of Your Life
  • Increase Financial Abundance and Prosperity
  • Realize Balance and Harmony in Your Life

“It has been a pleasure to work with Kelly Jones for the past 5 years! She has had an amazing ability to touch our home with a subtle harmonizing energy of light, peace and tranquility. Our family has been so pleased with the consistent results of Kelly’s work that we have been inspired to integrate this gift to my husband’s professional space too! “  –In Gratitude, Kelly N., Pompano Beach, FL

Feng Shui Consultation for BusinessCreating spaces that work for you!

Feng Shui encourages customers to shop longer, return frequently and be more apt to enter into business relationships while employees work more efficiently, productively and creatively. Providing a healthy environment to work in reduces stress, fosters clarity and camaraderie, and saves time and your hard-earned money.

Enjoy the competitive advantage Feng Shui offers when you seamlessly infuse Feng Shui wisdom simply and effectively.

Maximize your company’s performance and profits:

  • Boost Sales
  • Maximize Profits
  • Reduce Stress
  • Minimize Turnover
  • Stimulate Creativity
  • Boost Employee Productivity & Morale
  • Improve Customer Relations

“Things are going really well here. A steady flow of new projects has been coming in and it started shortly after implementing the changes you requested. 🙂 I hope everything is going well for you! I recommend your services to anyone that is open to the concept of Feng Shui.”  –Jocelyn S., Boca Raton, FL

Informed Buying ~ Selling ~ Renting

Partnering with me will provide you the Feng Shui knowledge you need to make a more informed decision about a particular property.

Purchasing a Property

Feng Shui Consultation for Real EstateOne of your largest investments you’ll ever make will most likely be purchasing real estate. Smart buyers consider all aspects of the property to determine if the investment will be sound or not. Feng Shui plays a key role in determining the positive and negative attributes of the property, whether or not you intend to live or work there.

Renting a Property

Feng Shui Expert for Apartments and CondosThe right place isn’t always easy to find! Where to live? Where will my business grow? Where will you feel good? Where to expand my operations? Whether you’re looking for a place for yourself or your business, I can help you select a space that will support you and your goals.


Selling a Property

Feng Shui for Selling a PropertyIt’s touch business selling a property! Let Feng Shui guide you in arranging your space for a quick and profitable sale. Many factors affect the salability of your home or business including proper chi flow, furniture placement and often overlooked details. Whether you are selling your own home or you’re a real estate agent, let the proprietary knowledge and expertise I possess help you in this competitive market.

Consider Feng Shui to be the precursor to your BIGGEST investment decisions.

Gain a sense of surety that the home you’re buying is right for you and your family or the property you’re selling will indeed sell and at a good return on your investment. How about establishing a new business location? Having this kind of ‘insider’ insight, puts you at ease in making these life-changing decisions.

What Clients Say

Kelly, I am so grateful to you for the guidance you have provided. Since you came into our lives everything has improved exponentially. I’m living in bliss so much of the time it’s just amazing. I thank you and I love you.
Don G., Pembroke Pines, FL
I felt like energy was shifting as soon as we made the appointment to Feng Shui my house. I absolutely feel the Feng Shui worked. I feel blessed. I’m the type of person who likes getting things moving and when I believe in something I go for whatever it is with gusto. I was telling my friend Jeff about the Feng Shui and that I had you come out and adjust my Feng Shui and it worked!
Jeanine R., Boca Raton, FL
My business has increased incredibly. I have just completed sales in a four-week period that took me all of last year to accomplish! I am working less, making more money and enjoying my life. I have an inner peace that is indescribable.
Carolyn C., Davie, FL