Undo the Chains that Bind You

freedom from sufferingCan you imagine your life free from all suffering?  Imagine having the power to change what you experience and how you experience it.  So many silently suffer because they don’t believe things can change or don’t believe they have the power to change them.  They can and you do and I can assist you in this process.

You were not born to suffer.  In truth, freedom from suffering is not only possible but probable and attainable when you undo the hidden chains that bind you.  Life can be joyful and happy ~ in all areas, not just one or two.  Everything can heal and there is guidance available here for you now.

As we know, history repeats itself until one finds a better way.

Are You Experiencing . . .

  • fear, worry or lack
  • financial limitation
  • difficulty with love
  • psychosomatic conditions
  • self-punishing judgment

Often we not aware of the presence of our own continual suffering because it hides in self-talk language such as:

“I have to work really, really hard.”
“I am responsible for the happiness of someone else.”
“I am not important, worthy or good enough.”
“I am wrong, bad.”
“I don’t deserve to be successful.”
“It’s too late for me to …”
“I screwed up and can’t forgive myself.”

Freedom starts by sorting out the false from the true.  Isn’t it time to let go of these worn-out and hurtful falsities?

Discover A True New Way

In truth, many don’t recognize that they suffer.  They’ve become so familiar and used to living a repetitive, sub-standard experience that they’ve actually accepted it as normal and believe “it’s just the way it is”.  Some are aware life is nothing like they want it to be but are lost with where to begin and how to make changes.

I will help you permanently clear out the cobwebs of your history, including old mindsets, in both your personal past and lineage that cause you to feel trapped, powerless and in a never-ending loop.

The truth is suffering is a result of thinking you cannot have what you desire when actually something within you is simply but deeply blocking it from appearing in your reality.

Free Your Self

With Understanding Comes Peace

I invite you to join me on this journey of peace and truth toward a new vision of your life that waits for you even now, behind this door that you are currently knocking on.  Together we will navigate through the maze of entangled thoughts and emotions, fears and circumstances that you have constructed.  With the ears to hear and the eyes to see, I offer you my deep intuitive insight and a divine connection to unearth pearls of wisdom embedded in your life experiences in harmony with your soul’s evolution and crowning self-love.

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A Gateway to More Freedom

There is a big difference between standing at a gateway and walking through that gateway.  Sometimes you need a guiding light to help you move in the right direction, a wise confidant who truly hears you and can point out the optimum way.

Wherever you find yourself on your path, know that it’s never too late, never too far and never too much for me to help you take great strides toward your liberation.

You Now Stand In A
“Miraculous Doorway”

What will you choose?

What Clients Say

“Somehow, unimaginable things have started to happen in a great way.  Inexplicable good things started to develop. Anxiety, remorse and guilt started to vanish in my being. Highly recommend to talk to Kelly if life doesn’t seem to go the way you think it should be going. Clear answers and right direction will come.

I knew I had to reach out to her for guidance which I have been given and peace in my heart started to unfold. Thank you Kelly for showing me a great way to reboot my life. Thank you for guidance.  Thank you for your words.”

Ricardo S. – MA

“Kelly S. Jones is gifted!  I have had chronic pain for several months, it is debilitating.  I worked with Kelly, it was our first session, and a day and a half later my pain reduced from a 9 to a 6.  Anyone who knows chronic pain knows what a huge jump that is.  Kelly and I worked, with the guides right alongside us, on my deep foundational beliefs that simp