Ever experienced an “ah-ha” moment when you realized something you loved, that you knew supported you, resonated with you, described you to a “T” and inspired you…no longer had any of those qualities in it any more?

Were you surprised?  Shocked?  Horrified even by the thought, “How could I have ever loved that now that I truly see it’s reflection?”

I know…it can be disconcerting, can’t it?

I mean…to think once I loved something so much only to find that now it’s soooooo not me…in fact, was it ever?

Ok, let’s be gentle on ourselves…

Here’s the backstory to “this” cute, seemingly innocuous statue that was gifted to and sitting in a client’s office (and in a power spot!).

Back story on the client:

  • Incredible provider!
  • Very well respected in chosen field!
  • Top producer!
  • Honored and “seen” by others as such!

What is missing?

  • Recognition by superior!
  • Being offered partnership as promised!
  • Always placed in subordinate position!

Of course, this theme permeates through the home and family life as well, not just business!

What was interesting was while I was inspecting the space and the objects (that things that hold consciousness “in time and space”…that we agree to because it’s in our space…whether consciously or unconsciously…whether seen in an old way or a new way) in it, I noticed this little bronze statue of a man balancing and carrying two “full” buckets, weighted down, stationary and immovable!

I asked, “What!?!  What is this, where did it come from and why do you have it?”

The proud reply came…“Oh, that was a gift from years ago, I was recognized for a job well done and they acknowledged how hard I worked on a project and made it happen.”

Seeing beneath the surface, I asked:

  • Are you done carrying the load for two people?
  • Are you done feeling immobilized?
  • Are you done being frozen in time and in a story that is no longer supporting you and your goals and your desires?

The answers were obvious, while the old-consciousness was not.

At one time, this little man seemed “all that”.  With a new perspective, the love was found to be lacking and no longer my client’s truth.

What happens my friends is…we don’t need to judge anything of our past.  There’s nothing to “be for or against” with regards to what has been, for it did serve you.  What is important, is to know your truth now and investigate your space with your new intentions and recognize if something/anything/everything supports your new direction or not.

For my client, the desire to be a partner, to be supported and to have freedom where desired and by simply removing and letting go of the old paradigm, in this case the statue that represented how others saw them and relied on them(!), a new pathway can open, allowing in new beginnings and a new relationship with self.  This new way of relating will certainly expand consciousness and therefore usher in new life experiences.

Our living space harnesses both the potential to help our dreams flourish and shine
or diminish and drown them.

As the creator of your living space, what “life” will you adorn it with?


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