Being Loved

The pandemic of rage sweeping the world is a cry in the night that only the heart can answer. And only individually, one by one, can we gather the power to attract the wisdom to recognize the truths embedded in the paths we each uniquely walk.  Love knows.  As we move out of the comfort of the old and familiar, I am honored to lead you and other listeners on this journey in these interviews of insight and understanding into the presence of the loving truth of you that has the answers you have been waiting for.

Enjoy the engaging, lively conversations between KC and I that are sprinkled with laughter and lightbulb moments, sure to enlighten and delight the heart.

As KC says, “She’s brilliant and a great person.  She has given us some great shows here.  And I have a feeling she always asks, ‘What about this, what about that?’ which makes her a great guest.  She just has a way to break down and analyze every part that’s going to make you better.  Kelly Jones is someone who can help.  Kelly, you’re one of my favorites and you just proved why.  Kelly, you’re very bright.”


Introduction to a Wayshower

In this introductory interview, Kelly shares her history on the path of full spectrum awareness. Her array of wisdom spans Consciousness Coaching, Akashic Records access and Christ-Light healing that activates a shift from fear-based to heart-based engagement with the world and one’s self.

Loving Ourselves

Because we engage in a dance of mirrors, living our lives through the reflections and the misperceptions that ensue, we can fall out of love with ourselves. But, in truth, “we’ve never done anything wrong”. And until we allow ourselves to reveal and be revealed in the context of the growth of love, nothing we do will ever feel like enough. In this interview, Kelly shares how to fall back in love with yourself and the life you are living.