Being Loved

The pandemic of rage sweeping the world is a cry in the night that only the heart can answer. And only individually, one by one, can we gather the power to attract the wisdom to recognize the truths embedded in the paths we each uniquely walk.  Love knows.  As we move out of the comfort of the old and familiar, I am honored to lead you and other listeners on this journey in these interviews of insight and understanding into the presence of the loving truth of you that has the answers you have been waiting for.

Enjoy the engaging, lively conversations between Kelly and KC that are sprinkled with laughter and lightbulb moments, sure to enlighten and delight the heart.

As KC says, “She’s brilliant and a great person.  She has given us some great shows here.  And I have a feeling she always asks, ‘What about this, what about that?’ which makes her a great guest.  She just has a way to break down and analyze every part that’s going to make you better.  Kelly S. Jones is someone who can help.  Kelly, you’re one of my favorites and you just proved why.  Kelly, you’re very bright.”


Introduction to a Wayshower

In this introductory interview, Kelly shares her history on the path of full spectrum awareness. Her array of wisdom spans Consciousness Coaching, Akashic Records access and Christ-Light healing that activates a shift from fear-based to heart-based engagement with the world and one’s self.

Loving Ourselves

Because we engage in a dance of mirrors, living our lives through the reflections and the misperceptions that ensue, we can fall out of love with ourselves. But, in truth, “we’ve never done anything wrong”. And until we allow ourselves to reveal and be revealed in the context of the growth of love, nothing we do will ever feel like enough. In this interview, Kelly shares how to fall back in love with yourself and the life you are living.

How Not Loving Ourselves Looks

Our unloving beliefs hide very, very well in an unsatisfying reality. A projected emotion, an unnoticed comparison, an anger that won’t go away. The job of fear is to create more fear. In this exchange, Kelly offers guidance on how to gently move beyond our self-limiting belief structures.

Why Our Hearts Shut Down – Part 1

There is so much embedded in every experience we have, and we often don’t take the time to slow down and unpack it.” There is a powerful tool and technique known as ‘slowing down to move at the speed of love’. Until we shift into this frequency of allowance, it is difficult to recognize why our hearts close. The truth is life is always for us, even when we are against ourselves. In this podcast, Kelly offers keys to help us unlock the chains that bind and so thoroughly shut love down.

In KC’s own words, “I can see why you’re such a good coach.  In a different way, you’re a mirror.  You’re letting us see that people are our mirrors.  You’re pointing things out that we need to see. You really opened my eyes to a couple things and I’ll be thinking about it.”

Why Our Hearts Shut Down – Part 2

Unresolved memories show up on the screen of our lives outside of ourselves when we are ready to look at what is inside of us. We’ve all made choices against our better judgements. But, “how can we love ourselves when we’ve made choices that weren’t loving?” Kelly discusses how to locate and engage the parts of ourselves that attracted these experiences so we can heal the fragmented subconscious thought patterns that buy into the school of hard knocks that in turn shut down the heart.

As one caller shares, “Kelly listen…I really enjoy listening to you.  I just wanted to tell you that listening to you has really opened my eyes and I just wanted to call and thank you for it.  So thank you.”  KC asks, “What opened your eyes?”  Caller, “The whole thing.  The whole spectrum.”    

Seeing the Other Person’s Side with Compassion – Part 1

Our untrue, incomplete or unresolved memories, beliefs and emotions are revealed to us through challenges with others. As everything on this planet is about relationships in motion, when something seems to break down our first reaction is often to want to fix it. But what we tend not to see is our part of the equation. Compassion replaces reflexive reaction with reflective response as we witness a larger picture, one that is not disconnected from the greater consciousness of the truth of the you and the truth of the other. Kelly shares insights in this podcast on how to protect and preserve that vital connection.

Seeing the Other Person’s Side with Compassion – Part 2

It can be painful to discover that something familiar can actually be an unloving belief when reality upends it. The first stage of this separation is often recognized as a feeling of ‘being stuck’. This loss of freedom is exposed when we find ourselves ‘being triggered’.

Moving out of the frequency of blame and lashing out into a frequency of compassion and allowance unearths the ‘why’ of why we have called the experience forward through interactions with others. “There is nobody out there to blame”. Once we release our resistance through the vibration of any form of compassion, we begin to come into a new alignment. In this exchange, Kelly offers ways to bridge this consciousness gap between the judging mind and the loving heart.

KC shares, “I got to tell you how lucky I am because, I believe, each week I talk to you it seems like I’m getting some coaching because I’ve never thought of things this way, [the way] that you bring up.  I know I’m the radio host, but do you get people to realize things that they never realized before, like I am and every week?”

Unearthing the Gems in our Buried Emotions

Our emotional body is vast. Experiences, especially with those close to us, can cover the core of our emotional being with an energetic wet towel as we pursue acceptance from others for self-validation. We may even befriend elements of our sublimated suffering in the mistaken belief that love requires sacrifice.

The first action to weaken the magnetic bonds with any dysfunction in our relationships is to step back from the dramatic entanglement that we co-create with another, and instead reposition into our center to clear the reactive intensity out of our own awareness. In this podcast, Kelly shares packets of wisdom to bring about this shift as it plays out in the dance of mirrors between our conscious and subconscious patterns.

The Hidden Truth within Hidden Agendas

When we love ourselves, we take responsibility for our own experiences and let everybody else be responsible for their experiences, especially those that are hidden from us. We create blind spots in our awareness when we hide from our own honesty out of fear of imagined consequences for either ourselves or others.

“Everyone has their part, an equal part [in whatever happens] and when we all recognize that, everyone will feel safe to tell the truth [about themselves].” The belief that someone is wrong is an error, and always is because it distorts responsibility into regret or shame or grief. In this conversation, Kelly lets light shine into the closets of misunderstanding around the dark power of this form of self-deception.

Divine Timing

The attempt to control our lives tends toward stress because it struggles against the flow of divine timing as it moves from the center of our being. The aspect of us that we wake into each morning is incomplete but does not know it and so often feels it has to push its way and make its day in its search for comfort. When we try to ‘make things happen’ we’re in our own timing and disconnected from the core strength of our heart. This can be experienced as fear of missing out, fear of falling behind, fear of losing. In this podcast, Kelly shares the many ways in which divine timing offers divine protection for those willing to masterfully wait and listen.

Healing Blind Rage – Part 1

Trying to ‘help’ those who do not want our help or being expected to help another when it is not our desire is a violation of our natural freedom of being. And the short-circuiting of the power of one’s will often creates the flaring of rage. This fire is started when we mistake the unconditional fuel of love with the conditional fuel of obligation and operate from that point of confusion. Relationships everywhere are permeated with both apparent and hidden obligation that interferes with the greater movement of spiritual growth and loving consciousness. In this interview, Kelly explores this aspect of falling out of alignment with open-hearted communication and the benefit of full acceptance of self and other.

At the end, KC shares, “If you were listening this that show right there and you were not moved, then you’re not questioning yourself; and we need help, everyone. Kelly S. Jones is someone who can help.  Kelly, you’re one of my favorites and you just proved why.  Kelly, you’re very bright.”

Healing Blind Rage – Part 2

When we choose to or are expected to act in ways counter to our truth, we invite in one of the many forms of rage. While it may provoke depression, maybe deception, addiction or greed, underneath our will is lashing out because it feels it has been abandoned. This is painful. But, “We can’t get to the cause of our rage at the level of the emotion until we go deeper into the thoughts and beliefs that cause us to be unloving to ourselves”. And the rage one has, recognized or unrecognized, directly impacts the flow of money in our lives. In this continuing focus on healing rage, Kelly examines rage at the street level and many of the ways it shows up and invades our lives.

Our Homes

One way to find our ‘fit’ in the world is to make the space around us, our home, more fitting and a better fit. Just as there is the actuality of divine timing, there is the actuality of divine spacing. “By putting time and energy into our space, we’re putting love into it so it can nourish us back.” Our space is very much like our subconscious. What we put into it we quickly forget about and it then becomes a backdrop to our life, a reflection of our current stage of self realization. It is important to make our home important in our awareness because it’s the number one space in which one can feel loved and safe. In this interview, Kelly unearths the divine potential hidden in the mundane objects we surround ourselves with so we can perceive the ‘wind on the water’ for ourselves.

KC shares, “This is the smartest guest we have.  I love when you come on and I love hearing your take on things.  I like to think it makes me smarter for having Kelly S. Jones on.  You’re the best.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next.  Thank you.”

Healing with Love, but What is Real Love?

Real love totally accepts you as you are and totally allows who you have been and who you will be and what you may do in the future. Because many are confused by their emotional and mental bodies, when they experience a wound at these levels, they often attempt to fix it from lower techniques of thought such as denial, projection, addiction or self-criticism. And so, actual healing is delayed until the heart takes front and center. It is important then that we engage only with those who support us as we give ourselves permission to crystalize and verbalize what we need to feel loved and integrated. And this means letting go of and detaching from any unwilling to join us lovingly in the giving and receiving of vital, life-supporting communication and actions that foster love and wellbeing. Kelly shares, in this interview, valuable procedures to activate this healing process.

KC remarks,  “Another great one.  You’re a very deep thinker and I see why you’re so successful with your practice.”

To Love Ourselves is to Listen to Our Hearts

Loving ourselves opens the primary flow from our heart that we recognize as the feeling of happiness, although hurt shuts this vibrancy down. Once we acknowledge that we absolutely create our life by our choices, we discover that we are 100% responsible for our part and everyone else is 100% responsible for their own and that hurt happens when we lose sight of the difference. “Releasing others from responsibility for us and allowing others to be responsible for themselves is empowering.” So, blame goes out the window. Anger goes out the window. Dishonesty goes out the window. Hurt happens only as a result of our misinterpretation of experience in the reflection of the hidden beliefs we carry. In this podcast, Kelly reveals how to clean the dust off our mirror so we can see ourselves clearly through the eyes of our opening heart.

I Love Myself

We have been socialized from a very young age to allow our power to go outward, away from ourselves. “When we are obligated to please others, we set up a scenario that others are more important than we are”. When we know “we are here to love ourself”, we surround ourself with people that love themselves, therefore, we don’t create from a place of doing for others because they want or need us to. So, “If you get hurt by something that’s truthful and honest for me, that’s in you.” Nobody is responsible for the happiness of anyone else. And if we try to love those who are unwilling to love themselves, our hearts shut down also. But when we live in our hearts, rage releases and drama falls away and we let go of the beliefs that called these difficulties into our presence, even though it may mean leaving the comfort of the familiar. In this interview, Kelly shares the journey of authenticity required to encourage our courage to heal and re-identify as embodied love.