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Feng Shui Consultation Testimonials

“Kelly, I am so grateful to you for the guidance you have provided. Since you came into our lives everything has improved exponentially.
I’m living in bliss so much of the time it’s just amazing. I thank you and I love you.”
Don G., Pembroke Pines, FL

All is Under Control Now

“Remember the first time we met I told you I was going through a tough time with my condo mortgage (almost going into foreclosure)?  Well, thank God for you and all the tools I had on my side and that I searched for them, because all is under control now.  I have to be grateful and extend my thanks to you and to God for putting you on my way, it really worked!  (I never doubted or hesitated.)  You can have my testimony on the change that the Feng Shui did so far (I know more is to come) in my life.  Keep helping people, you have a beautiful job.”

Silvia D., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Changed and Feels Better

“Just wanted to let you know how good I feel in my house, since I have begun to change things around. Not only do I feel better, but also my house looks better. I love my meditation room too!!! Thank you too for all the great resources. All the retailers were reliable and efficient.

I believe deeply that the energy has changed and everyone that comes in says it feels better and different. Most of all I am feeling fabulous and with tons of energy. I have already had positive results after my first chemo treatment!!

Thanks so much again for everything- Look forward to seeing you soon.”

Roberta K., Key Biscayne, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Shifted All Around Me

“Kelly’s skill is at moving a single item 6 inches and changing the flow in your room, your house and your soul!

In my case, it was my desk, moved 29 inches.  I loved, hated it as I felt the energy shifting all around me and then through me.  Now, I love sitting at my desk.  I’m beginning to feel, dare I say – creative!”

Cynthia S., Hollywood, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Worth Every Penny

“Dear Kelly, I was happy to be a reference for you today.  I shared with your prospective client that I found you to be extremely intuitive, very kind and easy to talk to.  These qualities of accessibility are a vital complement to you being extremely knowledgeable of and professional in the practice of Feng Shui.  When hiring a professional in an area that you trust will positively influence your home, life and family it is important to be comfortable and that it be easy to share your desires, wishes and concerns.  But I also stressed that you produce a package that is extremely well prepared, easy to follow and implement.  Your patience and detail when explaining is also so critical, need I continue?  I found your services to be worth every penny!”

Patty A., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

What I Wanted Came True

“I do sincerely want to thank you for changing my life. All the Feng Shui advice that you gave me worked so well! I still cannot believe what I wanted came true. Thank you so much Kelly.”

David Q., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Tremendous Results

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I’ve had tremendous results from your Feng Shui tips. To be honest, I didn’t really expect anything to happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I had to say thanks!!! I plan to ask you to come back some time soon to get your suggestions on what else I can do! Thanks again – you’ve made a BIG difference in my life.”

Denise S., Miramar, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Shifted

“I felt like energy was shifting as soon as we made the appointment to Feng Shui my house. I absolutely feel the Feng Shui worked. I feel blessed. I’m the type of person who likes getting things moving and when I believe in something I go for whatever it is with gusto. I was telling my friend Jeff about the Feng Shui and that I had you come out and adjust my Feng Shui and it worked!”

Jeanine R., Boca Raton, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Water Fountain Issue

“We wanted to set up a water fountain in the front of the house.  Kelly advised against it but added, ‘if you still decide to do it and find you start having legal troubles, turn it off immediately’.  Forgetting her recommendation, six months later we installed the fountain.  Within weeks we started to experience legal troubles and remembered what Kelly said.  So we turned it off.  Everything started resolving itself and we had no more legal trouble after that.”

Pat C., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Positive Changes

“I have definitely seen a shift occur after your consultation at my home.  I started seeing the positive changes occur within two weeks after implementing your suggestions.  I’ve also seen increased activity in my business as well!  I will continue to recommend you to my friends and business associates and would like to thank you again for your wisdom and your professionalism.”

Mayling N., Key Biscayne, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Thanks For All Your Guidance

“Thanks for all the help and guidance you have given me over the last few years – you have helped me in small ways that we have not spoken of – never mind the great big whopping ones!  I hope the coming year brings great abundance into your life.”

Maria G., Weston, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Business Increased Incredibly

“My business has increased incredibly.  I have just completed sales in a four-week period that took me all of last year to accomplish!  I am working less, making more money and enjoying my life.  I have an inner peace that is indescribable.”

Carolyn C., Davie, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Harmonizing Energy and Consistent Results

“It has been a pleasure to work with Kelly Jones for the past 5 years!  She has had an amazing ability to touch our home with a subtle harmonizing energy of light, peace and tranquility.  Our family has been so pleased with the consistent results of Kelly’s work that we have been inspired to integrate this gift to my husband’s professional space too! “

Kelly N., Pompano Beach, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Many Opportunities and Happiness

“Hi Kelly, I hope all is going well with you. We have been truly blessed with many opportunities and happiness since having our Feng Shui consultation with you. Thank you!”

Felicita S., Pembroke Pines, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Positive Energy Shift

“Kelly’s Feng Shui consultation at  the Namaste Center, here in Hendersonville, NC, was amazing! It not only shifted the energy in a huge and positive way, it also made the center more beautiful!  Our group LOVED it!  Thank you Kelly!

Also – the group Akashic reading that Kelly offered our group was both powerful and insightful.  We look forward to her return in the future to share more of the Akashic wisdom!”

Charlotte M, Hendersonville, NC
Feng Shui Consultation

A Steady Flow of New Projects

“Things are going really well here.  A steady flow of new projects has been coming in and it started shortly after implementing the changes you requested.  🙂  I hope everything is going well for you!  I recommend your services to anyone that is open to the concept of Feng Shui.”

Jocelyn S., Boca Raton, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Akashic Soul Reading Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the reading! It is exactly what I needed. There is so much to process.
I feel more at peace about what is right for me."
Kathy O., Winston-Salem, NC

A Gift To Be Cherished

“Thank you, Kelly, for the very informative reading.  As I ponder my notes, I can realize the potential it offers and it truly is a gift to be cherished.”

Sally B., Jackson, MI
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Perfect Answers From the Guides

“Having experienced your work personally and in group settings, I’ve heard perfect answers from the guides and masters, directly through you, to questions that are mundane to highly spiritual. I’ll take a small step out on a limb to say those who are fortunate enough to use your services, as an Akashic reader, will probably be as impressed as I.”

Steve J., Miami, FL
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Cleared Up Issues

“Just a quick note to thank you for my Akashic reading the other day.  The reading really cleared up some issues I had been struggling with.  I’ll be scheduling another appointment soon.”

Denise S., O’Brien, FL
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Much Better Than Therapy

“Thank you so much for the reading last night.  I was very surprised how much I gained from that.  I have tried therapy in the past, and this is actually much better!  I would like to schedule a 2nd reading with you soon.”

Katie G., Raleigh, NC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

I Feel So Empowered

“Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for the reading.  I feel so empowered and ready for the next step in my journey.  It is always so enlightening to work with you.  I feel your sincerity and trust exuding from you.  Your work is wonderful.  I acknowledge and appreciate all the work that you do.”

Carla M., Jupiter, FL
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Feel More in Control and Centered

“Hi Kelly, I just woke from my nap at 10:00 pm and I feel soooo rested and relieved.  The session was amazing and I received more from it than you can imagine.  I listened to the recording and it’s fabulous.

Thank you again, you have helped me in one hour receive more insight in my relationship with my son than I’ve received in a year and a half of therapy.  I’ll be spending Wednesday and Thursday preparing for his next visit and I’m confident I’ll feel more in control and centered than I’ve felt in years.”

Regina B., WV
Akashic Records Soul Reading

A Whole Realm of Possibilities

“Kelly, Thanks for an unbelievable Akashic reading!  I really felt a connection with what the Masters were saying.  It was as if they were reading my mind but giving me more ideas and opening up a whole realm of possibilities!  It was a really great feeling and I now feel I have direction.  You have such a great talent in pulling out what they’re saying!  Thanks again.  I certainly will be thinking about my business plan during vacation!”

Vera M., New York City, NY
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Beyond Grateful

“Kelly, thank you so much for the amazing consult today!  I am speechless at the clarity of the messages you provided!  I really appreciate your beautiful gift, and am beyond grateful for its ability to help me make sense of my life and continue to move forward towards greater understanding.  I look forward to talking again in the near future!  Thank you again!”

Audrey G., SC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Power and Clarity

“Dear Kelly, I just wanted to follow up and thank you again for the Reading that I had with you. I was struck with the power and clarity of the reading. In the session, I had the experience of being perceived and tenderly held in a vast and expansive Light and then from there we moved into more concrete directions with wise council on steps to take and ideas to open to.  I feel emboldening and empowered going forward.”

Gail L., CO
Akashic Records Soul Reading

So Authentic

“Kelly, I am ever so humble and thankful for your reading for me. It was so perfect. I had just been given information from the universe and without even knowing, you validated everything I had been told. You are so authentic and very “right on”. Now because of your validation I can go forward to fulfill my purpose….my goal with full knowing of the truth of what I was told.”

Dottie W., PA
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Everyone Should Experience This

“One of the best things I have done for “me” this year! The reading with Kelly and the Masters was absolutely amazing. She easily accessed my Akashic records and told me exactly what I needed to hear at this point. Kelly’s talent is undeniable and the reading was so accurate and illuminating that I am still processing the information. Everyone should experience this!”

Patty G., OH
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Delightful and Enlightening

“My reading with Kelly was a wonderful experience. The information that flowed was delightful, enlightening and gave specific guidance and insights about my current relationships and work. Greater questions of life purposes and path were answered before I could even ask. I felt all was expressed from Love and Peace. This was a pivotal reading to help me remain in Awareness of this ever-present and limitless Guidance, even while I go about my daily tasks. I know I will be contacting Kelly again and am so thankful for her use of her gifts in this way!”

Debbie K., Raleigh, NC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

More At Peace

“Thank you so much for the reading! It is exactly what I needed. There is so much to process. I feel more at peace about what is right for me.”

Kathy O., Winston-Salem, NC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Honored and Blessed

“I am honored and blessed to know you and experience your gifts.”

Denise W., SC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Finest, Accurate, Trustworthy Akashic Reader

“Kelly S. Jones is one of the FINEST, accurate, trustworthy Akashic readers I know. She’s a Wisdom Teacher and a Soul Coach with a big heart.”

Kim Ropa, Colleague & Teacher, Florida
Akashic Records Soul Reading

What A Gift!

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had these sessions with you.  The night after the second session I felt I could actually let go and just relax for the first time.  It felt like the first time I had really relaxed in over 40 years.  What a gift!  – what a gift you are!”

Linda G., Australia
Akashic Records Soul Reading

This Tops Them All

“WOW!  Is how I would describe my reading with Kelly Jones.  I have gotten my share of readings in my life, but this tops them all.  At the end of my reading, I asked Kelly who she was channeling.  She said it was my higher self!  I believe this, as all my questions were answered, without me saying a word!  Kelly told me what I needed to hear, in a way that made sense to me.”

Sandy E., Asheville, NC
Akashic Records Soul Reading

Christ Light Transmissions

feng shui presentation testimonials
"You are beautiful. The Infinite really gave me the experience that marked my new life with clarity and love.  The presence of God felt so deep with you, that I feel great and blessed to be with you."
Deya D.

It’s Awesome

Just listened to the video and read the follow-up.  It’s awesome!  Am saving a couple of them for when I need to be reminded & uplifted!!  Thank you.

Linda H.

My Entire Life Changed Overnight

Today you gave me a peace I haven’t had in almost 9 years.  Not only am I sick with connective tissue disease and on chemotherapy but I have been struggling with no job, no disability, no income since I was laid off in July. I have also been having a difficult time with my other half Joseph a long-term relationship of eight years.  Seems like my entire life changed over night.  My sister called me today and asked how the emails were going between you and I and I was happy to give her a good report.  But today it was as if you knew I needed to hear the simple words of “I love you”.  To most people they are just words of everyday life but to me I haven’t felt or heard it in so long.  Thank you so much just for getting me through another tough day.

Elizabeth F.

Cracked Through My Stuckness

I can’t thank you enough for our Christ Light Transmission a few months ago! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was overweight, I’d been diagnosed with diabetes and couldn’t make the changes I needed to make in order to get healthy. It’s like our session cracked through all my stuckness! I’ve been able to tap into the energy I need to get my health back. I’m exercising now. I’ve lost 25 pounds and my blood sugar is now normal! Thank you!

Gaby M.

Soul Prosperity Process

book signing testimonials
"This was fabulous beyond words! More than just a book signing. It was messages and Kelly flows with such grace and love.
I was blessed to meet her. The essence of beautiful energy could be felt outside the door."

Presentation & Workshop Testimonials

workshop testimonials
"Kelly, you are an absolute JOY - Thank you for sharing - for radiating - your TRULY magnificent LIGHT for us."
Barbara - Attendee, West Hollywood, CA

Superb Job

“Kelly Jones did a superb job of organizing her event. She used music, a visual display, paintings and raffling. Kelly also worked hard to promote her event on social media and in the community interested in the Akashic Records.

She’s an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her to event coordinators.”

Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe
55 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801

Cindy Norris, Author Event Host/Publicity
Book Signing Event

Beautiful Presentation

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Your presentation was beautiful to view and your delivery engaging.  I am putting into practice what I was able to learn in the short term.”

Angela Saludos, Coral Gables, FL
Feng Shui Workshop

A Breath of Fresh Air

“Thank you so much for an inspiring and informative presentation to the dry architects of Asheville. You really understood the big picture of Chinese influences and philosophy in our environment. Most consultants only play with the surface principles of FS and don’t understand the underlying forces. Six years and a Black Belt in Tai Chi has given me a great appreciation for the ever changing world we live in and how little we absorb what is around us. You are a breath of fresh smiling air.”

Michael J., AIA of Asheville, NC
Feng Shui Workshop

Sense of Sacred Awe, Energy and Connection

“I invited a group of friends to my home for what turned out to be an unforgettable, highly charged evening with the amazing Kelly S. Jones.  First of all, she has the radiance of an angel, a totally joyful presence.  I have had ONLY positive feedback from all those who attended.  It was quite a large group, yet Kelly was able to accommodate everyone there with an astonishingly precise answer from the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records.  We were all blown away by the spot-on accuracy from the sometimes very brief (even one word) answers.  Where necessary more detail was given.  Each person left feeling truly and fully responded to.  The evening filled us with a sense of sacred awe, energy and connection.  I for one want more and am planning a full on session with Kelly very soon.  It is great that this can all be accomplished by phone.  Location is irrelevant.  Isn’t that great?  Every tiny piece of information about us, past, present and future is right there to be accessed in the Akashic Records and Kelly has the knowledge and ability to easily unlock those mysteries for us.  Whenever I discover something extraordinary it is in my nature to want to share it with everyone I know, and in this case, even with people I don’t know…because of course we are all connected!” [Private Home Presentation]

Winifred M., Torrance, CA
Workshops & Presentations

Transmitted Guidance So Eloquent

“Our Akashic Reading event was so well received.  Folks were a little nervous but Kelly quickly put them at ease.  It was amazing how accurate the information coming thru was.  The Masters really speak well thru Kelly – she is so eloquent in transmitting the guidance from above.  All the participants wanted more time with her and we are planning another event as soon as she is back in town!” [Private Home Presentation]

Felicia R., Long Beach, CA
Workshops & Presentations

Interested At All Times

“Kelly is a well-rounded, knowledgeable speaker who kept the class involved and interested at all times. It was a pleasure for me to have attended & taking from that night such great information. Thanks again.” [Private Home Presentation]

Sheena E., Miami, FL
Workshops & Presentations

Filled With Knowledge and Detail

“Dear Kelly, I want to thank you for coming to our “sacred Wednesday night woman’s group meeting” and presenting and introducing to all the women in the group the Akashic Records.  Your ability to speak clearly, simply and to the point made it very exciting and drew me and all of us into your offering.  Your delivery was clear, filled with knowledge and detail that when you opened the Akashic Records and went around the room, the spirit and Master Teachers came through clearly.  All and all I feel very drawn to learn more about my Akashic Records in helping me, assisting me to grow as a human being.  I look forward to uncovering and learning more about “my story” in the present and future to come.  All the best to you, your Masters, Teachers, Guides and Angels.” [Private Home Presentation]

Eileen S., Hostess of Event in Coconut Grove, FL
Workshops & Presentations

Easy, Down To Earth, Informative

“Kelly, Raleigh, NC sends you a big Thank You!  Your easy, down to earth, informative, approach had us listening intently and helped so many of us deepen our understanding of the Akashic Records. Whether we will practice the connection to the Akashic Records for ourselves or utilize your gifts as our go-between, thanks for being a wonderful resource on our spiritual journey.” [Private Home Presentation]

Suzette Faith Foster, Cary, NC
Workshops & Presentations

Packed With Multi-Faceted Meaning

“Dear Kelly, I enjoyed your presentation last Wednesday evening.  I pondered my message and although it was only 2 words, it was packed with multi-faceted meaning.  Your additional insight was helpful in my internal review of the Master’s message.  I woke up Thursday morning after the Women’s Circle and it was very clear to me what the message had meant for me.  Thank you for sharing your unique skill as a reader of the records with our group.  Now that I have had an experience with the Akashic Records, I would like to seek this type of advice again as it is very helpful and very unique to the receiver.” [Private Home Presentation]

Kristy H., Coral Springs, FL
Workshops & Presentations

Knowingness and Fluidity

“Kelly Jones is an amazing woman with so many gifts to share… Being an observer during her Akashic Records presentation was truly an honor.  She is extremely intuitive, articulate, detailed, and beautiful inside and out.  She also has the ability to easily tune in to the vibration of the records, therefore clearly delivering the messages from the Masters and Teachers, and facilitating shifts at all levels within her audience. Kelly has a natural “knowingness” and fluidity regarding Feng Shui as well, which just adds to the amount of years she has studied and worked with this Asian modality and its Astrology. All that encompassed in a radiant smile, who would not want to receive from her wisdom?” [Private Home Presentation]

D. Cruz, Miami, FL
Workshops & Presentations

Profound and Truth Filled Message

“As a Unity minister, I am always cautious about what kinds of activities and speakers I invite into my center. I am watchful for several things: Does the speaker present Universal Truth?  Does she set ego aside and speak from the God-Self? Is her presentation applicable or useful for the spiritual health of everyone that came to the event?

Kelly S. Jones is one who qualifies on every level. Her message is profound and Truth-filled. Her presentation is powerful and valuable yet she is humble and gracious. Her presence is exciting and also grounded and strong.  She is an inspiration and a true teacher!”

Rev. Patricia Veenema, M.Div., Mills River, NC
Workshops & Presentations

Fantastic Highly Qualified Instructor

“I gifted myself with this workshop facilitated by the most excellent Kelly Jones.  It was a small group, the first one in Asheville.  I was pleased and delighted to find after a short while I was able to receive and interpret valuable guidance coming from the Akasha.

I look forward to Level II and would recommend this valuable teaching to anyone who has a curious mind and the willingness to expand their own capacity to receive.

Kelly is a fantastic and highly qualified instructor with a patient yet playful spirit.

Thank you Kelly for a wonderful exploration into what lies beyond…” [Akashic Records Level I Training]

Ronnie W., Asheville, NC
Workshops & Presentations

Exciting New Realms

“Because I’ve been a professional psychic consultant for 33 years, I decided to take Kelly Jones’ Akashic Records class just because she’s a dear friend. To my surprise and delight, Kelly expertly led our entire group into exciting new realms that were a discovery even to me. I’d been accessing Akashic information for decades, but I learned some simple yet powerful rituals to streamline the process and quickly go to a deep, profound level. It was as if I’d been dashing into the records through the back way — her techniques taught me how to respectfully go in the front door, interacting with the Masters and Teachers each time. Thank you, Kelly!” [Akashic Records Level I Training]

Jonna Rae, Asheville, NC
Workshops & Presentations

So Fabulous and Truly Amazing

“Hi, Kelly, my name is Diane and I was privileged to attend your seminar at The Bodhi Tree a couple of weeks ago…IT WAS SOOOOO FABULOUS, as are you.  I just wanted to get in touch and tell you I am definitely going to book a reading with you.  You are truly amazing and it was such a joy to meet you.  Your integrity, warmth and caring came through so strongly during your presentation.  You did a wonderful, wonderful job!” [Bodhi Tree Bookstore Presentation]

Diane D., West Hollywood, CA
Workshops & Presentations

Absolute Joy and Magnificent Light

“Kelly, you are an absolute JOY – Thank you for sharing – for radiating – your TRULY magnificent LIGHT for us.” [Bodhi Tree Bookstore Presentation]

Barbara - Attendee, West Hollywood, CA
Workshops & Presentations

Respectful, Deep Knowledge

“Ever since I was 12 and discovered Edgar Cayce, I have “asked” to be able to assist others as he did, working with the Akashic Records. Kelly’s workshop was wonderful and I know I will always use this guidance in my soul path work and life in general. Kelly’s style of teaching is always sensitive, respectful and shows her deep knowledge of these sacred records. I highly recommend this workshop to all “seekers of Truth.” [Akashic Records Level I Training]

W.Nethersole, Asheville, NC
Workshops & Presentations