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“Kelly, I am so grateful to you for the guidance you have provided. Since you came into our lives everything has improved exponentially.
I’m living in bliss so much of the time it’s just amazing. I thank you and I love you.”
Don G., Pembroke Pines, FL

All is Under Control Now

“Remember the first time we met I told you I was going through a tough time with my condo mortgage (almost going into foreclosure)?  Well, thank God for you and all the tools I had on my side and that I searched for them, because all is under control now.  I have to be grateful and extend my thanks to you and to God for putting you on my way, it really worked!  (I never doubted or hesitated.)  You can have my testimony on the change that the Feng Shui did so far (I know more is to come) in my life.  Keep helping people, you have a beautiful job.”

Silvia D., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Changed and Feels Better

“Just wanted to let you know how good I feel in my house, since I have begun to change things around. Not only do I feel better, but also my house looks better. I love my meditation room too!!! Thank you too for all the great resources. All the retailers were reliable and efficient.

I believe deeply that the energy has changed and everyone that comes in says it feels better and different. Most of all I am feeling fabulous and with tons of energy. I have already had positive results after my first chemo treatment!!

Thanks so much again for everything- Look forward to seeing you soon.”

Roberta K., Key Biscayne, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Shifted All Around Me

“Kelly’s skill is at moving a single item 6 inches and changing the flow in your room, your house and your soul!

In my case, it was my desk, moved 29 inches.  I loved, hated it as I felt the energy shifting all around me and then through me.  Now, I love sitting at my desk.  I’m beginning to feel, dare I say – creative!”

Cynthia S., Hollywood, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Worth Every Penny

“Dear Kelly, I was happy to be a reference for you today.  I shared with your prospective client that I found you to be extremely intuitive, very kind and easy to talk to.  These qualities of accessibility are a vital complement to you being extremely knowledgeable of and professional in the practice of Feng Shui.  When hiring a professional in an area that you trust will positively influence your home, life and family it is important to be comfortable and that it be easy to share your desires, wishes and concerns.  But I also stressed that you produce a package that is extremely well prepared, easy to follow and implement.  Your patience and detail when explaining is also so critical, need I continue?  I found your services to be worth every penny!”

Patty A., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

What I Wanted Came True

“I do sincerely want to thank you for changing my life. All the Feng Shui advice that you gave me worked so well! I still cannot believe what I wanted came true. Thank you so much Kelly.”

David Q., Miami, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

Tremendous Results

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I’ve had tremendous results from your Feng Shui tips. To be honest, I didn’t really expect anything to happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I had to say thanks!!! I plan to ask you to come back some time soon to get your suggestions on what else I can do! Thanks again – you’ve made a BIG difference in my life.”

Denise S., Miramar, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

The Energy Shifted

“I felt like energy was shifting as soon as we made the appointment to Feng Shui my house. I absolutely feel the Feng Shui worked. I feel blessed. I’m the type of person who likes getting things moving and when I believe in something I go for whatever it is with gusto. I was telling my friend Jeff about the Feng Shui and that I had you come out and adjust my Feng Shui and it worked!”

Jeanine R., Boca Raton, FL
Feng Shui Consultation

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