Love Heals Everything

Launch the New Year with a radically different approach to life’s incredibly disappointing moments.  Send a new message to the Universe and let your soul know you are ready, ready to make a major breakthrough.  Make a promise to your heart today,

“I will do what it takes
to truly forgive and heal with love.”

  • This is the measure of partnership God asks of you to know true happiness.
  • This is the level of dedication God asks of you to experience true freedom.
  • This is the step required to fully embody love and truth and richly improve your life as you know it.

True Forgiveness is not what you’ve been taught.  It is not what the world would have you believe.  You are not forgiving someone who’s done you wrong or releasing them from their foibles.  But you are forgiving to heal your hurts and to free yourself from misperceptions.  And the only way to do this is to know truth.  The truth inside you.  The truth of what is, what was and what will be.  When you do, your view of the world will change.  Your perception of others will never be the same.  Your understanding of self will graciously ease into love and acceptance.

Commit to Total Forgiveness
for Everything Unloving in Your Life

Say ‘Yes’ now to your True Self.  Get ready to let go of the past and embrace the present with true forgiveness that will polish the prism of your life.

In this “True Forgiveness Workshop” be prepared to bend the mind and awaken the heart with an extraordinary method of true forgiveness.  Explore the cave of consciousness that conceals your love and the excavation required to access it.  Befriend the spaciousness of You that can ignite a thousand suns.

Join other like-minded, like-hearted co-journeyers in a safe environment where love, truth and healing are promoted.

What Students Say

“Thank you Diana for the wonderful True Forgiveness Workshop.  Every session with you -privately or in group- expands my awareness of being better at forgiving and loving myself.  It was especially valuable to learn how to purify my unloving emotions and then how to forgive and clear the unloving beliefs that caused these feelings.  I am grateful to learn the formula that I can apply in any situation that triggers me.”

“The True Forgiveness Workshop really shifted something within me, helped me understand what true forgiveness is and allowed me to see my life from a different perspective. I gained so much insight and understanding of my emotions and beliefs. It was an amazing experience, got all my questions answered and I feel calmer and more at ease. This workshop was a powerful one and I am so happy I was a part of it.  Don’t miss it 😉 “


Listen to interviews with Kelly as she explores the timely subject of Being Loved. Enjoy the depth of wisdom shared in these lively conversations.

Podcasts with Kelly Jones & KC Armstrong

PODCAST Interviews
with KC and Kelly Jones

KC shares, “This is the smartest guest we have.  I love when you come on and I love hearing your take on things.  I like to think it makes me smarter for having Kelly Jones on.  You’re the best.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next.  Thank you.”

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