Explore the Language of Your Soul

Kelly S. Jones WorkshosCo-creating an atmosphere of community, all gatherings foster and nourish self-reflection, honesty and openness so you may come to know your own truth, your own heart, your own experience…the wisdom within you.

Through empowering interactions and direct connection to the Beings of Light, I love sharing my passion with you of illuminating your highest potentials and possibilities, embracing your Sacred-Self.  And together we shall dance in the light.

Akashic Records Level 1

Akashic Records with Kelly S. Jones

Enter the halls of the Akashic Records for a personal connection with your Wisdom Guides and Higher Self.  Access your own Life Records to directly perceive the landscape of your Soul and its creations.  It is your birthright to know the vastness of your Being, expand your perception of truth and to do so in an unconditionally loving and supportive environment.  As the valuable jewels within your experiences are unveiled, the innocent perception of the truth of you becomes palpable.  Learn more.

Akashic Records Level 2

Akashic Records with Kelly S. Jones

Deepen the dialog with your Akashic Guides.  Explore the recesses of your mind and clear patterns of karma, release trapped emotions and heal unloving beliefs.  Learn more.

Being Loved Workshop

Begin the New Year with a metamorphosis that will undoubtedly revolutionize the direction of your life permanently and profoundly by knowing ‘that you are here to love yourself’Answer the call of your heart.  Register NOW.  Learn more.

Christ Light Activations

Christ Light Activations with Kelly S. Jones Offered monthly on the New Moon to anchor in it’s initiating energy.  A unique theme templates each month to support your healing and quantum evolution.  An actualization of Divine Love is transmitted to you daily for 11-consecutive days and is accompanied by a deepening message to enrich your experience.  Learn more.

Emergence Workshop ~ Coming Soon!

Emergence Workshop with Kelly S. JonesBirth a new reality and truly step into 5th Dimensional living where the harmonies of peace, love and synchronicity reside.  Immerse yourself in a new level of self-realization as you shift out of the old cocoon of consciousness embedded with fear, pain and confusion and gracefully emerge as the “pearl of great price” that you truly are.  Let go of the outworn past, embrace the wondrous present and live from the awakening heart.  Learn more.

True Forgiveness Workshop

Launch the New Year with a radically different approach to life’s incredibly disappointing moments.  Resolve to make a definitive commitment to the Universe, God and your Soul that you mean business.  Launch new rockets of healing desires into every area of your life that love can heal through the power of true forgiveness.  Register NOW.  Learn more.

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